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The Worst Damn Sports Show Period

Manly yes, but I like it too...

Schwa Love
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Updated 10/26/08

Updated:</b> 10/26/08

I enjoy styrofoam packing kernels and shouting at strangers.

Currently Reading:Drawing the Human Head by Burne Hogarth,Dreamweaver CS3 Hands-on Training from Lynda.com, and Gardner's Art Through The Ages — A Global History
Last Book Read: — Burne Hogarth's Dynamic Anatomy
Last Comic Book Read:Magic Whistle #11. There's a photo of Mez on page 94. No really.
Last New Movie I Saw:Quarantine
Next New Movie I Plan on Seeing:Religulous or W.
Last Band I Saw Live: — Utah County Swillers at Surfside and that adorable AC/DC cover band at Island Grill
Last Movie(s) RentedMad Dog and Glory
Last Thing I Drew: — Buncha heads
Current Direction in Life: — Maintaining my 4.0. Sleeping in whenever possible. Making house nicer so that it will sell once the market gets back on track in twenty or thirty years, if ever. Writing and drawing more. Getting sleep apnea dealt with. Enjoying my low-paying but very satisfying part-time job. Looking for a not-so-low-paying, very satisfying full-time job.
Last Beverage Consumed: — Corona
Last Food Consumed: — Delicious shrimp pasta at Carraba's courtesy of my folks for Mez's and my anniversary
Last computer / video game played: — Spider

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